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What do the Bee Gees, Queen and Justin Bieber have in common? Or Gloria Gaynor, Abba and Hanson? You might think it’s bad hairstyles and hideous taste in clothes.

While that may be the opinion of some, this article is going to highlight one thing they share. It’s actual...

It’s the 31st of October and we all know what that means, right?

Panic not, with 55 days till Christmas and plenty of time to tick off the goodies on the shopping list, we’re referring to Halloween. Time for trick or treating!

Traditions and origins

The word Halloween com...

21 Sep 2018

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. During this month, our priority focuses on raising further awareness about the condition and how lives can be saved.

14 Sep 2018

Us human beings are pretty fixated on our hearts, aren’t we? We write songs and poetry about them. We can open them, break them, follow them, them. We can wear them on our sleeves, have them in our mouths, learn something by them. We can also love someone with all our...

7 Sep 2018

A real life story of an emergency incident that would have turned into a tragedy. Thanks to the quick thinking lifesaver, the student survived.

Killer 'HOT DOG' on the loose... Choking can lead to dire consequences, as with other first aid emergencies. In such an event recognising the symptoms early is the key.

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