Wound Types

Recognising various wound types in first aid
What is a wound? 

A wound is an injury to the skin. Wounds carry different classifications depending on what causes the injury. Be aware that wounds carry the risk of infection.



Typically known as a graze, this wound is superficial and involves the removal of the top layers of skin. As grazes are oft en caused by friction there is a high risk of foreign objects being introduced to the wound which could lead to infection.







Anything that enters into the skin is classed as a puncture wound. The wound itself may appear quite small but the depth can lead to extensive internal damage and an increased risk of infection.




A ‘clean’ cut from a sharp edge like a knife. Incisions can be deep and cause increased blood loss and damage to underlying soft tissues.







A small entry wound and very large exit wound typify this wound caused by a high velocity projectile like a bullet. As the projectile passes through the body it brings with it a high risk of infection as well as the ability to damage internal organs potentially leading to massive blood loss.






Better known as a bruise, a contused wound is a break in the capillaries of the skin caused by a blunt instrument like a hammer. This can lead to unseen damage to bones or tissues.






A laceration of the skin is a rough tear which may carry a risk of infection as well as being difficult to treat as the wound is not as neat as an incision.

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